Thursday, 5 June 2014

Day 1 - Reflections

-        What did you do today?    o Fastest ball challenge. We had to incline a inclined plane to a certain angle and find out which inclined angle would give the ball its fastest speed.
-        What did you learn today?    o Although the inclination of the inclined plane might be the largest, that does not mean that the ball would roll the fastest in between the 2 photogates. 
-        How do you feel about today’s activities?    o I felt happy as we managed to achieve a fast speed for the ball between the 2 photogates. Also, I get to appreciate physics more and I can apply what I learnt from the videos shown (E.g, streamlined body shape)
    o   Share your insights for the day
- I think that our group could have done better, because when we were inclining the inclined plane, we did not take to mind that our angle of inclination may not be accurate as we used a protractor instead of the proper calculations.

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